Hi, I'm Manuel Diera

The next developer on your team.

Now let's answer some of your questions.

		var  theObviousChoice = {
		   name: 'Manuel Diera',
		   occupation: 'Web Developer',
		   experience: '+3 Years',
		   ['Nodejs', 'Express', 'AngularJS',
		   'MongoDB', 'EJS', 'Bootstrap', 'Bulma',
		   'HTML5', 'CSS3', 'UX and UI design'],
		   availability: 'Available',
		   location: 'Atlanta Area',
		   projects in construction: 
		   ['Three.js with LeapMotion set up',
		   'Creating Bots with Dialogflow],
		   ['code', 'family', 'research',
		   'IoT', 'code', 'read']
		   [email: 'mdiera.dvk@gmail.com',
		   cell: '360-869-5232']

Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe

	        C:\> Hi, nice command prompt you got there.. I'm J.

	        C:\> I'm covering for Manny, he's busy at the moment. Something about Skynet needing more data and then going out for wings.

	        C:\> In the meantime, look around. Maybe click on the projects below and make sure to reach out if you'd like to get him on your team. 

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